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1/ Please read carefully the explanations
2/  You will find below 8 sections. The first to choose one of the four  hotels (with all the possibilities of choice and prices), then the list  of all the packs,  a choice for the pre-congress, a choice for the Scientific breakfast  and finally the last one for the visit of Lisbon.
3/  So you will start by "filling your cart" by choosing, for example, a  congress pack (if you want two you insert the number two in the small  square), then you  click on the small basket and a page "summary" will open summarizing  your / your choices. If you want also a hotel, you’ll just have to click  below on "Continue Shopping" and you go into the hotel section and you  choose the typology of rooms by putting the  number of nights you want in the small square where there is the number  1). And you add to the basket  (always click on the basket to go on the summary page) .
You  will again see your "Summary" page where will be specify your hotel and  the number of nights. You click again on "continue shopping" to select  other proposals  (visit, golf, scientific breakfast...).
And so on, until you have in your "summary" page everything you want.
4/  This is where you choose a payment method. Whether by bank transfer or  by card (with a 2.5% fee) you have to click on the "next" button and you  will arrive  on a page where you are asked for all your information including your  arrival/departure dates, which must correspond to the number of nights  you have chosen. In the "note" part, you also have the possibility to  write specific requests (rooms side by side,  the name of the accompanying person is ..., I will not participate in  the evening dinner etc...)
5/  Once you have filled out the form, you click on "next" and if you have  chosen the bank/wire transfer as a means of payment, then you will find  all the details  to make your payment. If you have chosen the payment by card then you  will be redirected directly to Paypal who will ask you the details of  your credit card.
6/  In case of payment by “bank/wire transfer”, a summary mail will arrive  at your e-mail address. If you have settled “by card” then you will  receive two mails:  one that will summarize your choices and one of Paypal which will  indicate what you have settled with an order number that you must keep.  The organization will also receive in real time your registration form  and payment form.
Now, you just have to make your choices
And in case of problems do not hesitate to contact us on +39 348 29 365 29 or by mail to


Partecipant Congress Package
Partecipant Congress Package
ESLO members
750.00 €(VAT incl.)
Pre-Congress Course
Pre-Congress Course
ESLO Members
120.00 €(VAT incl.)
Scientific Breakfast (Each Day)
Scientific Breakfast
10.00 €(VAT incl.)
Golf Sunday afternoon 1 of July
Golf Sunday afternoon , 1
100.00 €(VAT incl.)
Visit of Lisbon Monday 2 of July
Visit of Lisbon Monday 2
50.00 €(VAT incl.)
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